Steps On How to Install the GFO Packing Material

  • Open the shaft stuffing box.
  • Remove the old packing completely.
  • Check to make sure the new packing is the correct diameter size. (Stuffing box gland inside diameter minus shaft diameter divided by 2 should be the size of the packing material being used)
  • Check the condition of the shaft. Any burrs or sharp areas must be repaired prior to installation.
  • Make one wrap of GFO fiber packing around the drive shaft, wherever it is easily accessible, and cut the single ring to a length where the two ends meet each other(or you can use a mandrel the same diameter size as your shaft to size the ring).
  • Install the GFO fiber packing in the stuffing box with up to 3 rings, one ring at a time making sure that you stagger the ring joints approximately 90°. It is essential that the ends of the rings meet cleanly at the joint. (Do not add grease or other lubricants – these can hinder performance.)
  • Tighten the packing gland until it is snug. Do not over tighten.
  • After about one or two hours of running time, check the prop shaft stuffing box for leakage, and make a final adjustment to attain minimum leakage. (There should be virtually no leakage.)

Boat Drive Shaft
Packing size: = ( Diameter A – Diameter B ) / 2